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Changing the Game

Earn from NIL by simply featuring in a game.

NCAA Student Athletes can easily make an income from their name, image, and likeness by opting to feature in a digital trading card game.  

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Skill Based Strategy Game

Sports fans trade cards to build a team.

                puts sports fans in the role of a coach. They trade cards, pick a team, implement a strategy, and compete with their friends.


The Next Generation

Connect. Collect. Play.

Digitizing trading cards enables greater connectivity and gamification thereby enhancing the sports fan's experience and athlete support.

NCAA College Sports

Revenue Sharing 

Total revenue of US college sports departments in 2019 was $18.9 Billion.                  shares revenue with athletes.

Name, Image, and Likeness.

NCAA athletes are allowed to monetize their name, image, and likeness as from 2021.

               enables student athletes to do so.

Equal Opportunity 

                fair scoring system drives demand for all athletes, creating an equal opportunity to generate income.

Empowering Athletes

Student athletes are fast turning into entrepreneurs.                  creates a social network connecting them to their fan base.

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