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NIL for All - not just the famous few.

We're building MVPz because all elite athletes bring value to fans, and teams are much more than their most famous players. We believe all athletes who work their asses off to improve should be rewarded for it, so we're building a platform designed to do that.  MVPz reimagines collectibles and fantasy sports, making them more fun than ever through cutting-edge technology. And it does so in a way that brings more value to more athletes Unlike scoring on fantasy sports platforms, MVPz scoring values the contributions of all athletes--not just those with "skill positions" and scoring opportunities. And MVPz scoring is based on an athlete's personal improvement, not just how their stats stack up against other players. Finally, MVPz gives athletes a voice on the platform and in the project's growth and governance. And we're reserving positions on our team for athletes dedicated to growing professionally.