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  • How do the student athletes on the platform make money?
    We use the student athlete's name, image, and likeness to create digital trading cards and sell them to our customers. The featured athletes earn a royalty on both the initial sale of their cards and all secondary trades on the MVPz platform. With an affiliate link, close support with marketing, and variable pricing, we enable athletes to take control of their earnings and maximize their income.
  • I am a NCAA student athlete, can I apply?
    If you are a Division 1 NCAA student athlete competing in any sport then you qualify for the First Generation MVPz Cards. We do have a selection criteria but this is mainly to determine the order of priorty. So please, do apply! For the Second Generation MVPz Cards you must be on the football rosters for any team in the power five conferences: ACC, B1G, Big12, Pac12, SEC. Even if you are on the scout/practice team! Gen2 Cards shall be rolled out for other sports as we grow. If you are a NCAA athlete and would like more information, please get in touch!
  • Does it cost anything to sign up?
    NO. It costs the athlete nothing! In fact, quite the opposite... we pay each student athlete a sign up bonus.
  • How do I apply?
    If you meet the criteria for eligibility, you can reach out to us via our contact form. Or apply via Opendorse by clicking the link below!
  • How do I know MVPz is trustworthy?
    Trust is earned, and as an early start-up business we don't have the track record yet. So, here is our approach: Transparency - be open and honest about who we are, what we are doing, and what our intentions are. Collaboration - partner with ethical individuals and organisations in the space so they can vouch that we are genuine. Communication - ask student athletes what their concerns and requirements are, and address them with empathy. Accessibility - make time for people so that they feel reassured we are committed to our cause. If you are involved in NCAA college sports, either as an athlete, professional, or fan, please feel free to reach out!
  • Will it effect my eligibility to play NCAA sports?
    No it wont. First Generation Cards are simply digital-physical collectibles featuring the athletes name, image, and likeness. As for the Second Generation Cards, MVPz is unlike some popular fantasy sports games, in that it is a skill based game and there is nothing of value at stake. This means it is not gambling. We use live sports data to formulate a score, but the users actions outweigh the athletes performance, so there is no potential conflict of interests.
  • Is MVPz just another NFT project?
    No. Although we use non fungible tokens to validate the scarcity of the trading cards and monitor transactions to honor royalties, there is a lot more going on with MVPz. There has been a lot of hype around this nascent technology and unfortunately there has also been bad actors who have exploited the hype. We view NFT's and blockchain merely as underlying technologies. We have taken measures to ensure our customers don't overpay for our products. Making our products affordable benefits the athletes and the business as well as the customer, because it caters for a wider market and increases transaction volume. Our Cards are not an investment!
  • Is MVPz recruiting?
    YES! We are looking to work with student athletes, former student athletes, and regular students who are engrossed with their college sports teams. We are looking for advisors (entitled to equity), brand ambassadors, PR staff, sports photographers, graphic artists, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about the opportunity to join the MVPz team.
  • What is the difference between First Generation Cards and Second Generation Cards?
    Owners of the First Generation Cards (Gen 1) will not be able utilized them as an asset in the fantasy sport inspired strategy game because the game is scheduled for a later launch. Gen 1 cards grant the owner perks on the MVPz social network. Second Generation Cards (Gen 2) have all the same features of Gen 1 cards, but also function as an in-game asset. For this reason, Gen 2 cards shall only be available to athletes that are on the rosters of the teams featured in the strategy game. The strategy game shall incorporate more sports over time.
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