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The road ahead...

                has three main components: the trading cards, the strategy game, and the sports social network. 

In its full embodiment,                 will be a gamified sports ecosystem where fans and athletes interact. 

This is how we plan on getting there. 


Phase 1

First Generation                sports trading cards shall be available for all D1 NCAA athletes. These cards shall grant the owner exclusive access to perks on the social network, with limited gamification.

Phase 2

The fantasy sports inspired strategy game shall be launched for  D1 NCAA Football along with the Second Generation of trading card, which will have the in-game utility as well as Gen 1 perks. 

Image by Zetong Li

Phase 3

The fantasy sports inspired strategy game shall be expanded to include other major NCAA sports. The platform shall branch out from NCAA sports and go international, incorporating sports in India and Europe. 

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