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In business, as in sports, the TEAM is everything. Introducing the lean, mean, start-up machine.


Head Coach - Calum Russell 

Calum brings the vision. His professional back ground in the sports industry combined with an early fascination with blockchain technology lead to the creation of the concept. He assumes the role of CEO. 

Offensive Coordinator - Vamsi Nagavarapu

Vamsi brings the technical mind. His track record as a technical leader and experienced start-up founder makes him the ideal person to deliver. A natural entrepreneur with a passion for sports, he is the teams CTO.

Head Scout - Evan Rodenberg

Evan brings the strategic wisdom. After a successful career in business development he moved into the Web3 start-up space to work on innovative projects with a good cause. He is Head of Athletic Relations.

Advisory Board

Our advisors bring expertise in the following sectors.

  • NIL + Gaming Law

  • Blockchain Development

  • NCAA Football

  • Sports Data Science

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